​​'Arcadia' 'Michael Scott- Mitchell’s grand Georgian room, its tall windows letting in Damien Cooper’s angled sunlight and Julie Lynch’s superb period costumes provide a beautifully cogent framework for the sense of order which the play challenges.'                                    Keith Gallasch - RealTime Arts Magazine Issue 131


'The Tempest' 'Julie Lynch’s design is one of the stars of this production: her set is made up of a single fractured platform surrounded by crumpled curtains, with just a glimmer of glitter shimmering through. The costumes are impressive too: from Prospero’s weather-worn get up to Ariel’s spectacular black, winged Harpy costume (and Miranda’s wedding gown is one of the most dazzling, beautiful garments I’ve ever seen onstage). And, like everything in this production, the design doesn’t feel like it’s trying to keep up with the latest fashions. It’s just a truthful rendering of the ideas and characters as written.'  Sydney Opera House - Ben Neutz - Daily Review


'Pericles' 'The obvious Asian fusion that Bell has constructed is accentuated by the elaborate costumes that are in total harmony with the stage design created by the talented Julie Lynch. The costumes possess a structural design that is obviously inspired by Eastern tradition, such as the kimono worn by Dionyza (Julie Goss). But there is also a reverence to the Greek mythology embedded in the Pericles script that is not replaced but infused with this new theme.'  Sydney Opera House - Vanessa Lahey - Australian Stage 


'Carmen' ‘ Opera Australia has found the perfect team. Edwards-Thomson-Lynch in particular are definitely a highly prized unit.   And you would pushed to find another team of three in the world who could pull off with such finesse a production of the size and artistic flair as this.’ Handa Opera on the Harbour - James Waites - 


'Salome' ‘ The gorgeously elaborate costumes created by Julie Lynch underscore the decadence of Herod’s court...’ Sydney Opera House - Sue Ann Muller -  Megaphone OZ


'La bohème'  ‘ Julie Lynch excels herself with the costumes, obviously having taken full advantage of OA's costume makers. The lavish range of outfits, from Musetta's already famous Swarovski evening gown and the gaudy finery of the nite club gals, to the everyday stylish tat of the bohemians - dinky pullovers and overlarge winter coats (Rodolfo and Marcello), dandyish Isherwood gear for Schaunard and so on. The production is a feast for the eyes.’  Sydney Opera House - Diana Simmonds - Stage Noise


'The Way of the World' “…..decked out in costume designer Julie Lynch's colourful finery and plumage - costumes that are at once ostentatious and in accord with their wearers' coded names and dispositions as to focus attention whenever they are plotting, cavorting, pretending or holding court.” Sydney Opera House - Bryce Hallett - The Sydney Morning Herald.


'Mary Stuart' 'Like a frilled neck lizard, Scacchi’s waspish Queen Elizabeth is at once alien and exotic in flamboyant finery of the costume designer, Julie Lynch.' Ensemble Theatre -  Bryce Hallett - The Sydney Morning Herald


'The Bourgeois Gentleman' '… And costume design take impossible combinations of colour, fabric and moulded plastic to new heights of crass inventiveness and earn applause in their own right.' Sydney Theatre - Mark Hopkins -The Sydney Morning Herald


'The Rocky Horror Show' 'With lush costumes by Julie Lynch ………, this production looks splendid,  as though a wild, macabre costume party held amid the decay of a dilapidated picture hall.' Australian Tour - Jack Teiwes - Australian


'Travesties' 'Julie Lynch's costumes are dandier than even Wilde could have imagined.' Sydney Opera House - Nick Dent - Time Out


'Company' 'Julie Lynch's costumes are a delicious mix of evening chic and PVC kookiness.' Theatre Royal - Dianna Symmonds - Stage Noise